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Introducing the Foot and Ankle Surgery Academy an online video library of high quality surgical videos performed on actual patients in the operating room. Our videos all have voiceovers done by the operating surgeon to give insight and context into the thought processes behind each step. The cases are filmed and recorded by surgeons, giving you a unique viewing experience. 

Meet Your Colleagues

We are honored to help further your knowledge and create a platform for communication and debate in the field of foot and ankle surgery and medicine. Our team has a diverse background in the podiatric field from over 25 combined years in private practice along with stints at major teaching hospitals and large hospital organizations. We have trained with leaders in the field ranging from total ankle replacements to limb salvage to clubfoot advanced training under the tutelage of Ignacio Ponseti MD. Our team has published original articles in podiatric journals and textbooks and has presented at various foot and ankle surgical conferences. Our team has lectured on the national stage and served as faculty for total ankle replacement seminars and for the American Academy of Foot and Ankle Osteosynthesis. We are actively involved in teaching residents and rotating students in our community. We are privileged to bring you this Foot and Ankle Surgery Academy and further the field of foot and ankle surgery through this interactive online learning platform.

Zachary Haas, DPM
Matthew Cobb, DPM
Haywan Chiu, DPM
Paul Whitehouse, DPM
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Dr Sharif Abdel-Fattah DPM

This site is excellent for students, residents and attendings alike. The surgical technique videos and grand round are focused on detailing technique, the patient specific decision making process is centered around collaborative discussion. I think the production quality is excellent and focus on technique is what I look for in an educational resource so you've got me as a customer for the long term. I recommend this site to anyone looking for an educational resource in order to refine their knowledge and advance their skills.

Podiatry Student MS4

Y'alls website is a GOD SEND! Huge huge blessing! For years, I've wished there was a website with surgical videos, especially by podiatrist, since I'm a visual learner. COVID has affected so many of us in different ways, and I personally had 3 out of 6 clerkships cancel on me. Starting off my first clerkship and watching the videos has been great to prepare for cases. I can't thank you enough for your time and effort in making this platform.

Podiatry Resident PGY3

Our residency director got us all memberships to your videos and the quality and voiceover with the step by step techniques and pearls are incredible. Just wanted to give you guys props. I know it takes a lot of time and effort outside of your day to day. Honestly these videos are a game changer. I haven't found anything else like this on the internet, YouTube etc. Quality of video and audio is top notch. Just really great job! Looking forward to seeing what else you guys have got!

Podiatry Resident PGY1

To be completely honest the videos are incredible! In addition to reading Changs and Easly, I've found myself in the OR, when waiting for pts to arrive, watching the videos on my phone for quick reviews and prep. The quality with the narration is so beyond superior to anything that could be found on Youtube.

Video Library

Accessible to subscribers (Updated 11/29/21)

Forefoot Surgery

1st MTPJ Fusion
Akin Osteotomy
Cartiva Implant
Distal Metatarsal Osteotomy
Hammertoe PIPJ Fusion
Hammertoe DIPJ
Hammertoe revision Arthroplasty
Interpositional 1st MTPJ Arthroplasty
Lapidus Bunionectomy
Reverse Bunionectomy for Hallux Varus
Tibial Sesamoidetomy
V-Y Skinplasty for contracted hammertoes
Weil Osteotomy
Weil revision osteotomy

In Progress
1st MTPJ Fusion with Calcaneal Plug Autograft
5th Toe Derotational Arthroplasty
Akin revision osteotomy
Flexor Tenotomy
Tailor Bunionectomy
Ganglion Cyst Excision

Midfoot & Rearfoot Surgery

Bicorrectional Calcaneal Osteotomy with Subtalar Joint Fusion
Retrocalcaneal Decompression with Achilles Debridement
Flatfoot Reconstruction with STJ, TN, and NC Fusions
Gastrocnemius Recession
Lapidus Arthrodesis
Lateral Calcaneal Slide/Wedge Osteotomy
Malunited Triple Arthrodesis Revision
Medial Calcaneal Slide Osteotomy
Naviculocuneiform Fusion
Subtalar Joint Fusion 

In Progress
Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy
Posterior Tibial Tendon Debridement
Talonavicular Joint Fusion
Triple Arthrodesis

Ankle Surgery

Arthroscopy with OCD microfracture repair
Achilles Tendon Repair with FHL Tendon Transfer
Ankle Fusion Mini-Arthrotomy
Ankle Fusion Lateral Malleolar Takedown Osteotomy
Chrisman-Snook Procedure (Modified non-anatomic repair)
Gastrocnemius Recession
Osteochondral defect open repair with medial malleolar osteotomy
Peroneal Tendon Stop Procedure
Peroneal Tendon Subluxation Repair
Syndesmotic Fusion
Total Ankle Replacement

In Progress
Peroneal Tendon Repair with Debridement and Tubularization
Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair
Tibio-Talo-Calcaneal Fusion with IM Nail

Trauma Surgery

Bimalleolar Ankle ORIF
Closed Ankle Reduction
Old Fibula Fracture ORIF with osteotomy
Spiral Tibial Fracture ORIF
Talar neck ORIF
Trimalleolar Ankle ORIF

In Progress
Calcaneal ORIF
Lesser Metatarsal ORIF
Lisfranc ORIF
Pilon ORIF

Pediatric Surgery

Achilles Tendon Lengthening
Achilles Tenotomy
Anterior Tibialis Tendon Transfer
Alternative clubfoot Casting Technique
Bar and Shoe Fitting and Parent Education
Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy
Medial Cuneiform Opening Wedge Osteotomy
Medializing Calcaneal Osteotomy
Ponseti Casting Technique Entire Series

In Progress
Parent Education

Limb Salvage Surgery

4th Ray Amputation
5th Ray Amputation
Achilles tendon infection debridement and closure
Cavus Foot Reconstruction
Dehiscence management
Digital Fillet Flap
Dog Ear Correction
Flexor Tenotomy with 18 g Needle
Floating Metatarsal Head Osteotomy
Medial Band Plantar Fasciotomy
Peroneus Longus Tenotomy
Pinch Graft
Split Thickness Skin Graft

In Progress
Transmetatarsal Amputation
Modified Lisfranc Amputation
Incision and Drainage of Posterior Tibial Tendon in the Leg
Management of PIPJ Osteomyelitis with Lateral Ulceration
Partial Phalangectomy
Dehiscence Management Cases


Our primary videographer, a surgical podiatrist (Dr Haywan Chiu, DPM), invites you to a unique viewing experience through the lens of someone who understands the surgery and is comfortable navigating the operating room to give you a clear view.


Our videos are filmed, edited, and produced by Dr Haywan Chiu, who is committed to packing as much educational material into each video because we understand that your time is valuable.


Available online for unlimited streaming, available across all platforms and web browsers.

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