Are you looking for a quick refresher to feel more comfortable with your case?

You might not have done a particular procedure for various reasons. Some changed jobs, others haven't scheduled one in a while, or done that one since residency. You know the steps of the surgery, so you don't need to reread a whole chapter on it. You only need a quick video to review the steps.

It’s also good to be curious if another surgeon has a different approach to a routine surgery. You might pick up tips that makes you more efficient and get consistent results. These are common reasons members signed up for our video library of surgeries. To see surgeons perform surgery on live patients with actual deformities and pathology. 


Need a quick review for your case? Or a good video to learn some surgical tips?

We have had podiatrists who've changed jobs and haven't done a certain procedure in awhile, so they needed a refresher with some tips. Some people haven't done much of a particular procedure in residency and needed a good video to show the steps. Some were looking for a different way to do a surgery they've done hundreds of times. These are common reasons for people to become FASA members.


Every video has the following:

  • Pre-op rationale and practical reasons why we chose this procedure
  • Execution of each surgical step with an elaboration of the critical parts
  • Pearls and pitfalls of each case
  • Intraoperative x-ray evaluation (for relevant cases)
  • Closure technique
  • Postoperative protocol
  • Primary surgeon voiceovers for all the above for every surgery video

Testimonials from other FASA members

I haven't done an Akin in a while, so it was really nice to reference. Even with being in practice for over 7 years, it's a great refresher and an excellent knowledge base for reference.

- Dr. Carolyn Kelly, DPM FACFAS

Easy access to an awesome range of surgeries - led by DPMs, high-quality video with a clear view of the surgery

- Mr Ewan Kannegieter, MSc FRCPodS

The surgical technique videos and grand rounds focus on detailing technique, and the patient-specific decision-making process is centered around collaborative discussion. I think the production quality is excellent, and focus on technique is what I look for in an educational resource, so you've got me as a customer for the long term. I recommend this site to anyone looking for an educational resource in order to refine their knowledge and advance their skills.

- Dr. Sharif Abdel-Fattah DPM

 I myself enjoy the videos and will review if I have a large case coming up that I haven't done in awhile. This helps me get familiar with the anatomy and process and helps me to guide and train the residents in an organized manner. I will also assign the residents to review the videos of procedures prior to their surgical cases. The videos are succinct and provide excellent visualization of the dissection, surgical field and repair process. There are tips and pearls discussed that you will not get in a textbook or journal article.

I feel that by myself and residents reviewing the videos beforehand there is a new level of expectation and confidence that is gained. Even if my technique varies slightly from the videos I feel that I can have a discussion on a higher level with the resident about the surgical process and the choices that are made in the operating room. My residents are able to predict the next step and are more proactive rather than reactive for their procedures.

I really enjoyed the flatfoot reconstruction video and STJ arthrodesis videos. Due to COVID and our hospital stopping elective surgery for an extended time, it had been almost 2 years since I had done a large rearfoot fusion. It was very reassuring to just review the videos and techniques. The surgery went very smooth and the procedure was completed faster than my previous repairs as both the resident and I had a good game plan and were on the same page during the procedure.

The quality and usability of the website is top notch! I remember searching through dozens of random YouTube videos to find what I wanted to review. They are always adding new content. The group/creators are easy to contact and even have discussion forums if you have a difficult case you want to present to get suggestions and feedback prior to a surgery. This is great for residents - technique videos, step by step and not just "this is what you do" but goes into the "why" behind procedures and reviews some of the pertinent literature.

- Dr. Sarah Mele, DPM, FACFAS, Residency Director of DVA New Mexico Podiatry Residency Program

We have truly enjoyed using FASA for our residents' education. We have purchased subscriptions for our residents over the last 2 years. The residents enjoyed the explanations of the procedural steps and why they are doing certain things, as well as the provided tips for success. This has been an invaluable resource for our residents to further explain the segments and parts of the foot and ankle procedures to prepare them for surgery the following week. I look forward to watching the video library grow and I love talking to my residents about what they've watched and learned from the FASA videos

- Dr. Christy King, DPM, FACFAS, Residency Director of Kaiser San Francisco Bay Area Foot & Ankle Residency Program

The value is absolutely amazing. Most educational materials are 5x the cost. I can easily review procedures and get the information I need.

- Dr Peter Wishnie, DPM




or $600/year

  • Access to the FASA video library
  • Access to the FASA surgeons