Do you feel like there is never enough time to prepare adequately for surgery?

As a student scrubbing into your first case, it may be intimidating because you don't even know where to begin studying. This can create a lot of anxiety and discomfort which hinders your learning.


Do you want to feel more comfortable and be more helpful in surgery?

How about being up to speed and prepared for case reviews and externship interviews?


The problem with trying to study something that you’ve never seen before is that you have no context to build knowledge upon. That is why students commonly look to YouTube for videos. The problem is that there isn’t consistently good quality videos, so the search can end up being a waste of time. Our videos shows the viewer exactly what the surgeon sees. Additionally, the primary surgeon provides commentary of each step, so our students get a deeper understanding of each procedural step. The videos are typically between 10-30 minutes long, so only the most important concepts and controversies are discussed. This serves as an excellent framework for students to build upon by reading up on parts that they didn’t fully understand.



Buying the product allowed me to fully appreciate externships with regard to the surgical cases I participated in. It was helpful for preparing for cases and answering the majority of the questions the attendings on FASA asked their residents on grand rounds, etc. The best feature was the HD+ quality videos and the dialogue accompanying each case. The ability to see what the surgeon is identifying and handling instruments with a high-quality POV from a surgeon is beyond helpful, especially for students since seldomly do students see multiple intra-op phases of surgery. 

Kevin, DPM Candidate Class of 2023

There are a lot of free videos online for podiatric surgery. I have watched many of them, but your video quality and the fact that they have voiceovers sold me on it. Best videos out there. I'm out on clinicals in my fourth year now, and I'll try to watch your videos the night before scrubbing in the case. It has really helped for my preparation and to be ready to ask questions. You've helped me impress several attendings at this point. I love the voiceovers and that you loop the video at times when something happens quickly or is technically very difficult. It is the most efficient learning I can do. At times it is more effective than actually scrubbing a surgery because many times, surgeons aren't explaining everything they are doing. I may have 20 minutes of downtime and watch a video quickly. It's really simple to watch videos the night before cases. Makes my job easy as a student. Love the videos. This is an awesome learning resource. 

Ryan Jameson, DPM Candidate Class of 2023

Y’alls website is a GOD SEND! Huge huge blessing! For years, I’ve wished there was a website with surgical videos especially by podiatrists, since I’m a visual learner. COVID has affected so many of us in different ways, and I personally had 3 out of 6 clerkships cancel on me. Starting off my first clerkship and watching the videos has been great to prepare for cases. I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort in making this platform.

Monique Rodriguez, DPM Class of 2021

I’m crazy broke and I don’t start residency until July 1st. I’ve cancelled Netflix, Disney Plus, and every other subscription. But Foot and Ankle Surgery Academy is too good to cancel.

 Brandon Maijala, DPM Class of 2021

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but FASA videos really helped prepare me for interviews. I was told I did well. Thank you! Was definitely a worth while subscription. I learn much better via discussion/video vs books or generic academic sessions I have experienced over the years.

- Chloe Mulligan, DPM Class of 2022



  • Access to the FASA video library
  • Access to the FASA surgeons
  • Bonus mock interview with Dr Whitehouse (details via email communication)

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