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What People Are Saying:

The value is absolutely amazing. Most educational materials are 10x the cost. I can easily review procedures and get the information I need.

Dr Peter Wishnie, DPM

This has been an invaluable resource for our residents to further appreciate specific parts of each procedure to prepare them for surgery the following week.

Dr Christy King, DPM

I do like to prepare for all my surgeries, even ones I’ve done several times. But this allows me the opportunity to do a quick refresher if I don’t have a lot of time. I’m a fairly busy mom of 2 little kids, and so when I can maximize my time I will do whatever I can to do that. This particular website has been a great resource for me in terms of knowing that I’m going to get high impact and researched material to further allow me to make certain decisions with regards to my patients.

Dr Carolyn Kelly, DPM

Buying the product allowed me to fully appreciate externships with regards to the surgical cases I participated in. It was helpful for preparing for cases and answering the majority of the questions the attending on FASA asked their residents on grand rounds, etc. The best feature was the HD+ quality videos and the dialogue accompanying each case. Having the ability to see what the surgeon is identifying and handling of instruments with a high quality POV from a surgeon is beyond helpful especially for students since seldom lay do students see multiple intra-op phases of a surgery.